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About Sean

Sean Ahn has obtained his California State acupuncture license in 2006 after graduating from the South Baylor University. He has a particular interest in using acupuncture for management of sciatic pain relief, weight control and emotional disorders. He firmly believes in the Traditional Oriental Medicine for its ability to treat body as a whole, rather than just the symptoms at hand by managing and controlling the actual source. He truly enjoys helping people cultivate, support and maximize their body's natural healing potential through acupuncture, natural prescriptions, diet and lifestyle modification.

For several years of his successful care, he has been able to maximize hundreds of the patients body and mind healing potential. With his continued care, many were able to retain and strengthen his/her personal health while improving the prevention of future problems. Patients have been experiencing accelerated energy levels while feeling more comfortable with overall body movement. Sean is dedicated to continue on with giving his guidance and support for his patients to reach their optimum vitality and well-being.